Tent Rental Information & Policy

Our Tents and Canopies:

We offer solid white frame tents & canopies. We stock 18’x20’, 20'x32', and 20’x40’ wide tents in solid white with the option to add sidewalls.

Tent Capacity:

The capacity of a tent or canopy will vary with each events particular layout. We prefer to discuss an event with the customer so we can recommend an appropriate layout for your type of event

Space Needs:

All tents require additional room beyond their size for staking and erection. Frame tents can be installed in smaller areas, sometimes areas not much larger than the tent itself, but they still require additional space beyond their dimensions. Contact us to discuss any space concerns for your tent site.

Site Survey:

Measuring & evaluation of a tent site is available please inquire for this service. In general a tent site should be flat, level, dry (have good drainage), free of overhead obstructions, and mostly ledge free. Anchoring to the structure by weighted objects and/or stakes should also be taken into consideration when choosing a site.

Staking and Anchoring:

All tents require anchoring to the ground. The recommended method of anchoring a tent is with stakes driven into the ground surface. Some frame tents may have the option of being weighted down instead of staked. We reserve the right to not erect any temporary structure when the renter or other involved party requests any type of anchoring or structural part be moved or removed that may jeopardize the safety of you, your guests, or the general public.


Canopy rentals do not include sidewalls in the base price, they are available as an option. Sidewalls are available for an additional charge. At this time we only stock windowed sidewalls. Sidewalls can be put on or removed as needed they are not permanently attached. Sidewall needs are determined by the events date, time of day, sidewall utilization, and inevitably the weather that day. We would be happy to discuss your event's parameters to help assist with choosing to use sidewalls.

Set-up and Delivery:

We generally deliver and install a tent order sometime on the Wednesday to Friday prior for a weekend event. We will contact you in advance with a delivery day and time period. We give wedding rentals a priority for delivery between Wednesday and Thursday to give our customer adequate time to decorate the tent, work out seating arrangements, and have peace of mind that this aspect of the wedding preparation is complete. We generally remove the order one to two days after the event.


A $50.00 nonrefundable deposit each 18’x20’, and 20’x40’ Tent/Canopy is required to reserve a tent or canopy order. The balance is due upon installation. We recommend reserving as far in advance as possible. We accept cash, or check only. When writing a check your reservation will be finalized when your check clears.

Final Count and Payment:

On tent rentals we prefer to have your final counts about 7 working days prior to your event. We will contact a customer on the Wednesday or Thursday of the week prior to their event for this information. Final payment is due upon installation.

Tent rentals typically include:

  • Installation and removal of the tent, including staking and anchoring.

  • Installation of tent lighting as applicable.

  • Sidewalls attached to the tent or left at the site at the customers’ discretion as applicable.

  • Delivery and pick up of tables, chairs, and any other rented items.


Safety is our #1 priority. Your Tent will be installed to the highest standards in the industry. However, unforeseen problems may arise due to weather or misuse of the canopy. IF IN DOUBT GET EVERY BODY OUT!

Caution: Never move or remove any stake, pole, or tension rope from where the installation crew has placed it. This can cause serious problems with structural integrity. If you have any questions about safety please contact us. (559)875-6544


Tent item rates quoted are for a 3 day period on location and include set-up and take-down. If you require a longer rental period speak to a MPR representative to discuss options and pricing. Labor for set-up and take-down is extra for all items except tents and canopies. Please contact us for pricing on labor.

Your Responsibility as a Renter:

The customer is responsible for the safety and security of all rental items while on the site of their event. Customer must notify us of the location of any underground utilities, septic systems, or irrigation systems. The customer is responsible for providing and securing the tent location and any permits that may be required. The renter is also responsible for any utilities, public or private, including but not limited to: electric, gas, phone, cable TV, water, septic, drainage, sprinkler systems, etc. located above or below the tent area. Mina’s Party Rentals WILL NOT be responsible for ANY underground damage.